Club Master is a standalone, Windows based program with a very simple interface. This makes it very easy to use for everyone, computer literate or not.

The software uses a very simple set of tables which are pulled together by a data dictionary in the program. This makes it easy to install and very robust in use. It does not require anyone with any database knowledge and may be simply backed up and restored on another computer using built in routines.

It may be backed up onto a cloud based storage, such as Dropbox, meaning that other users can restore the data on their computer immediately after changes have been made. Our licencing method involves embedding the club name in the software and this means that it can be installed on as many computers as required.

The software provides three databases: the main members database, an ex members database and a waiting list database. (the latter two are not available in the Lite version). Members may be simply moved between the databases as required.

The software provides for up to 40 member types. There eight renewal periods such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc with the default being annual. There are also four additionnal payments which can be used for extra charges such as car park, donations, etc.

Certificates such as ‘Safeguarding and protecting children’ can be added to a members record together with the expiry date and this can be reported on.

Payment is made through a simple Fee Payment form and payments are recorded in the Fee Daybook with daily totals and report total. Member Payment History is also recorded and may be reported on.

Overdue members are very quickly identified and, if Club Master eMailer is installed, they can be emailed a reminder.

We use Crystal Reports as our reporting tool and all reports are exportable to
Excel, Word, PDF, etc.

Our export routines allow data to be selectively exported to be used in mailmerging with word processing. The Export All option has an Excel button which will open the full database export in Microsoft Excel (version independent).

All in all a very easy to use program which provides routines for all the tasks which a membership secretary has to perform!

Software which simply works!

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