Club Membership Software

Club Master 6 is a complete membership administration system designed specifically for member only clubs and is the latest version of our popular Club Master software.

Art Software and NCL Associates have specialised in software for the member only club market since 1985 giving us unrivalled experience in this market area.

Member database with user definable fields
Summary and Detailed reports with full, multi level filter data selection
Mailing labels (selected or all)
Data export (for merging with word processing, etc).
Family identification providing for one letter and/or label per family
Member payment history
Individual printout of all member details
Direct debit / Standing order automatic payment recording
Waiting List database with move to and from the main database
Waiting List reports and data export
Block member move and delete
Member type breakdown report
Overdue subscriptions report
Interests and involvements recording with report
Accreditation certificate recording with expiry dates
Multiple renewal periods (Annual renewal is the default)

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